The Contractor License Full Home Study Program
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When you sign up for the Contractor License Full Home Study Program, you will receive the following:
  1. Free application help and tech support.
  2. The Law Practice Exam for your state and also one Trade Practice Exam for your state. These practice exams will teach you the current codes, rules, regulations and the details of your particular profession. The information on these learning tools will give you the understanding of the subject matter and the basic principles that are on the actual test and will help you create a successful business.
  3. Free call-in student study support. 1-541-813-1327
  4. You will also get the "Blueprint Reading Estimating and Bidding" learning tool and the "Contractor's Math" learning tool.
  5. Plus you will get the powerful "How to Build and Maintain a Successful Construction Business" tool.
  6. And the OSHA safety program. The OSHA safety program is mandatory and required by law for anyone who holds a contractors license.
  7. And receive the "How to Master the International Building Codes" learning tool.

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