New Mexico Practice Exams

Learn the New Mexico contractors trade of your choice, including the codes, rules and regulations needed to pass your state exam. All programs are available in CD Format, and can also be received in "Down Loadable" format.

The Contractors Board will give you two tests, one being the Business Management / Law exam and the other being your particular Trade. You have to pass both exams before you can obtain your contractors license.

General Construction GA 98  
General Building GB 98  
Residential Building Contractor GB-2  
Business Management and the Law  
Audio Law CD  
Blueprint Reading Estimating and Bidding which includes the Contractor's Math CD  
Mastering the International Building Codes CD  
General Commercial Contractor  
Alarm Company Operator  
Boiler, Hot Water Heating and Steam Fitting Contractor  
Building Moving/Demolition Contractor  
Carpentry Contractor - Cabinet, Millwork and Finish  
Carpentry Contractor - Framing and Rough Carpentry  
Concrete Contractor  
Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor  
Drywall Contractor  
Earthmoving, Excavating and Ditching  
EE-98, Residential and Commercial Electrical exams, Parts 1 - 3  
Electrical Distribution Systems, including Transmission Lines  
Electrical Signs and Outline Lighting  
Electrical Specialty  
Elevator Contractor  
Fencing Contractor  
Fire Protection Contractor  
Fixed Works GF-98 (GF1 - GF9)  
Flooring and Floor Covering Contractors  
GA-1 Street Roads Highways  
GF - 7 Tanks and Towers  
GF - 9 Utility Lines  
GF-4 Drainage or Flood Control Systems  
GF-6 Railroad and Tunnel Construction  
GF-8 Transmission Lines  
Glazing Contractor  
Heating, Cooling and Process Piping MM-4  
Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning/HVAC  
Home Inspection Full Course Program  
Insulation and Acoustical Contractor  
Landscaping Contractor  
Lathing and Plastering Contractor  
Lock and Security Equipment Contractor  
Low Voltage  
Manufactured Housing Contractor  
Masonry Contractor  
Metal (Ornamental) Contractor  
Metal (Sheet) Contractor  
MM-98 Combined - Mechanical  
Painting and Decorating Contractor  
Parking and Highway Improvement Contractor  
Pipeline Contractor  
Plumbing Contractor  
Refrigeration Contractor  
Residential Electrical Wiring ER-1  
Roofing Contractor  
Sanitation System Contractor  
Sign (Electrical) Contractor  
Solar Contractor  
Steel (Reinforcing) Contractor  
Steel (Structural) Erection GS-24  
Steel (Structural) Residential  
Swimming Pool Contractor  
Tile Contractor - Ceramic and Mosaic  
Water Conditioning Contractor  
Water Well Drilling Contractor  
Welding Contractor  
OSHA Program  
Asbestos Practice Exam  

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