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Guarantee: At the end of your practice exam you will be shown your results and your score as well as a list of all the questions you missed so that you can restudy that area and correct your mistakes. You simply continue practicing until you pass my practice exam at a 95% passing rate, at that point I guarantee that you pass the contractors state exam or your money back.

You must study my practice exams as described here in this policy letter. These practice exams do not contain the exact same wording as the real test and memorization has no part in it but Understanding the subjects of the real test that are in my practice exams does. My practice exams contain the subjects that are on the actual state exam and that you need to understand in order to pass the actual state exam. The goal of the program is to familiarize you with those different subjects that will be on the actual state exam.

Refund Request:

If you fail your state exam and want a refund send me the print out of your test results given to you by the test center, showing that you have failed and which exam you failed. I will only refund the price of the practice exam that you have failed and there is no refund for the exam or exams that you have passed successfully.

By purchasing any of the Educational Services products you agree to this "Guarantee / Refund policy."

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