OSHA Program (Alabama)

OSHA CD ROM “Establishing and Maintaining Your Safety, Illness and Injury Prevention Program” which includes all your required printable forms.

This is not a practice exam it is an actual program to set up your company's OSHA “Safety, Illness and Injury Prevention Program”.

The purpose of the OSHA program is “Establishing and Maintaining Your Safety, Illness and Injury Prevention Program” and it is to supply contractors with an easily understandable means of complying with OSHA rules and regulations about Safety Programs. Just click on any item on the table of context and the form that you need pops up and are printable.

The Program is comprised of these nine steps:

Step One – Designate a Program Administrator
Step Two – Identify Safety and Health Hazards
Step Three – Implement a system of periodic inspections
Step Four – Implement a system of corrections
Step Five – Develop a Code of Safe Practices
Step Six – Establish a system of communication with employees
Step Seven – Implement an employee training program
Step Eight – Obtain and post all required forms and notices
Step Nine – Initiate a safety maintenance program

Each step and the documents for each step are described separately in;

1. The full intro-and directions on how to set this program up for your office.

2. Folder 1. This folder also has the Table of Contents (pages 2-5) and Instructions (pages 18-21).

3. Folder 2. Is the Manual itself with the actual documents you will be using to get your Illness and Injury Prevention Program underway.

Folder 3 .Has the government documents used for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses.

All forms are included as part of this CD and are printable.

OSHA is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations pertaining to workplace safety and health and for providing assistance to employers and workers about workplace safety and health issues.

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