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Our Contractor's Practice Exams are created with the same Categories (Subjects) that are on the Testing Centers actual exam.

These practice exams are set up just like the actual State Exam the key factor being that we put the answers (explanations from the recommended text books) into our practice exams teaching you what you need to know in order to pass your Licensing Exam.

(See sample) Here:

Q9. How are joists represented in a set of plans?

A. Solid lines
B. Dotted lines
C. Dashed lines
D. Dot and dashed lines

Correct Answer: A

The joists are shown in solid lines as this is standard practice in the industry. Rectangular openings are indicated by cross diagonal lines. Midway in the longer spans are double horizontal lines indicating a distribution rib; the Engineer shows this on the structural drawing when required. The joist mark or reference number (such as 1J2) is shown for a group of identical joists and generally follows the structural drawing but with letter suffixes (such as 1J2A) to allow for variations in the reinforcement for a so-called "typical"; joist. The letter J is used for joists. Download Free Exam Demo zip file

The explanations and answers connected to our practice exams are from the same contractor's trade and code books that are used by your Testing Center. And that is why everyone passes because you get exactly what you need to know, enabling you to pass your contractors licensing exam. Our Practice Exams will keep you focused on what you need to understand.

Our Study Guides and our Contractors Practice Exams are Focused Tutoring Tools that keep you on track to pass your Contractors State Exam without having to use books to study from (that can be just too much information thatís not even on the actual Contractors Test).

These practice exams and study guides are available as a "Down Load Link" or can be shipped to you in a CD format or both.

At the end of your practice session you then receive your score (your Grade) and your answers that were correct or incorrect; which Study Category you are weak in and which areas you need to restudy so as to gain a complete understanding of the Categories (Subjects) that are on the actual state exam so you can pass easily.

Continue practicing until you reach a 95% “Understanding Rate” on our practice exams and at that point you then will be able to pass your actual state exam (which is about a 70% or so passing grade).

It works with any Windows PC or laptop. MAC users can get a PDF version of the practice exams.

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